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Xtension Galaxy

About Xtension Galaxy

Where everyone in the Magento ecosystem can easily discover, test, and purchase Magento extensions

Xtension Galaxy is more than just a Magento marketplace. We help merchants and site developers with:

  • A convenient way to interact with extension developers
  • A simple software acquisition process
  • All to reduce overall deployment time and increase merchant ROI.

Benefits of Using Xtension Galaxy

The Sandbox

  • Xtension Galaxy supports a “try and buy” model. Merchants and developers can use a personal, customized Magento sandbox to test desired extensions and confirm basic interoperability.
  • Test extensions before committing to purchase and install on your live store. Sandbox supports any Magento version released since Community 1.4 and Enterprise 1.9
  • Provides error logging to see any errors or conflicts with multiple extensions
  • Connect directly with extension developers using your personalized, safe, sandbox. Easy support encourages developer commitment.

Expert Support

  • Xtension Galaxy helps both customers and developers with making expert support as simple as possible. When customers need assistance, developers have easy access to the customer sandbox to make understanding and resolving the issue as easy as can be.


  • Purchase all store extensions directly from Xtension Galaxy in a single transaction and receive all code instantly. Xtension Galaxy takes care of paying individual vendors for you.
  • Purchased extensions can be delivered individually or in a single, convenient installer file. (coming soon)