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Advanced Menu

aheadWorks Advanced Menu

With the Advanced Menu extension you finally have flexible menu configuration functionality. Customize your store menu any way you want in just a few clicks.

About Developer

aheadWorks is a dynamic market leading provider of Magento extensions, Magento templates and themes, and custom development services with a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class solutions for eCommerce businesses.

We have launched numerous powerful extensions to the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform Magento which serve to address gaps and exploit every opportunity in the entire eCommerce process. Whether it is user interface or marketing or operations management, you will find an extension that fulfills your needs.

aheadWorks Advanced Menu

The Advanced Menu Magento module allows you to quickly change the look of your store’s navigation by adding custom menu. Without this simple extension, you would need to thoroughly understand PHP and HTML (not to mention have tons of time to spend changing the default option) in order to alter your navigation bar.

With Magento Advanced Menu, you can implement any one of several navigation options that have been expressly designed to fit stores of differing sizes and themes:

  • Vertical Static
    This is vertical layout which uses standard HTML "select" element. Suitable for large stores with a lot of categories - your visitors can see all categories at a glance and make shopping route decision immediately.
  • Vertical Dropdown
    Vertical layout for the sidebar! DIV-based dropdown menu which fits your store theme colors, without hidden nesting.
  • Vertical Folding
    This option includes a folding menu with hidden-by-default subcategories.
  • Horizontal Dropdown
    It uses standard HTML "select" element. Dropdown menu is suitable for large stores with a lot of categories - your visitors can see all categories at a glance and make shopping route decision immediately.
  • Horizontal Plain
    This horizontal layout incorporates DIV-based dropdowns without hidden nesting. Additionally, it can be matched with your store’s theme colors.
  • Horizontal Plain (advanced)
    This is Advanced Magento Menu module’s most sophisticated option. It’s best for stores with very large numbers of categories.
  • Horizontal Static
    With this option, there are no pop-ups or hidden nesting. It’s perfect for online stores containing 3-5 navigation links.

Other Advanced Menu Magento store navigation advantages are the extension’s:

  • Predefined menu positions - left column, content, right column
  • Menu Behavior options
  • Possibility to display custom menu at any place of the page via CMS
  • Header and Side Menu separate configuration

Note: If you do not see a menu type you need in the Advanced Menu Magento extension demos, just let us know. We’ll most likely be able to include it in a few days

Versions History

Version : 2.3.1

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 2.3.0

There are no release notes for this version.

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