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Xtension Galaxy

Automatically Generated Sale Category

Easy, automatic, “Products on Sale” category generation from products with special prices.

About Developer

Meanbee is a highly accomplished Magento solution partner who has contributed some of its lessons learned in Magento as extensions to help the community. Meanbee is a small team of highly focused developers and innovators that has been around since the early days of Magento.

Automatically Generated Sale Category

At present, there isn’t an easy way to automatically generate a list of products your Magento store currently has on sale. Our module:

  • Generates a category listing of all products with the “Special Price” attribute populated
  • Is easy for your designer to visually differentiate your Sale category from your other categories
  • Works with layered navigation (product filtering)
  • No heavy administration required, everything happens automatically!

Gone are the days of using an additional category to point your customers at current specially priced items. This method was not scalable and became a real pain to administrate.

With this module installed, sending your visitors to /sale on your Magento store will show them a category listing (that can be easily customised by your development team) complete with product filtering, layered navigation.

Another thing we should probably mention is that we’re professional Magento Developers. We’ve built this module to the highest standards following best practices in Magento module development.

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Meanbee Support & Return Policy

Please test this extension in your demo store and ask questions using the "Have a question?" form to the right. No refunds are available after purchase.

Versions History

Version : 1.0.0

There are no release notes for this version.

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