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Xtension Galaxy

Online merchants are constantly searching for new ways in which to increase their conversions, improve customer loyalty, and drive more sales and revenue for their eCommerce store.Read More

Shipping Tips for eCommerce Store Owners

3/29/2017 9:57 AM Posted By Alex Hoff

In today's society, everything has become digital. From magazines to emails, people are utilizing the Internet for anything and everything. This is especially true for shopping and eCommerce stores.Read More
No matter how small or large your eCommerce store is, it’s important that you are paying close attention to how engaged your customers are.Read More
When RankBrain was first officially announced in October 2015, it was only being used in 15 percent of queries. But in June of 2016, Google Senior Fellow Jeff Dean revealed that Google’s new machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) system is now being used in "every query."Read More
Research indicates a large number of consumers using Google Shopping do not purchase the products they click on and view. Only about one-third of the products bought through Google Shopping correspond to the product advertisement consumers actually viewed.Read More

What Your Bounce Rate is Trying to Tell You

10/26/2016 8:48 AM Posted By Alex Hoff

If you run your own eCommerce store and have Google Analytics set up, you probably know your bounce rate—but do you know what this number is trying to tell you?Read More

6 Types of Extensions Your Magento Store Needs to Have

10/19/2016 8:45 AM Posted By Alex Hoff

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform on its own, but it can’t cater to every single eCommerce store that uses its platform. Thus, extensions can help fill the needs of your unique business and maximize its potential in the eCommerce market.Read More
eCommerce is a trillion-dollar market and growing. Enterprises continue to seek ways to streamline the process to make a better and more efficient buying experience. This helps to retain old customers and entice new ones.Read More

Product Categorization in Magento

9/15/2016 6:31 AM Posted By Alex Hoff

Product Categories are how products are organized for browsing in an online store. This Categorization is a valuable tool that influences the customer's’ experience in a store by improving their ability to navigate and search for products. And is as important as a good design and the right collection of products.

Read More

The Psyche Behind the One-Step Checkout

8/12/2016 11:33 AM Posted By Alex Hoff

With nearly 70 percent of customers abandoning their shopping carts, it has become a top priority for all eCommerce site owners to figure out the best ways to increase conversions and boost their revenue stream. One effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and speed up the checkout process is by giving customers a one-step checkout process.

When you take a closer look at the psyche behind this process, it makes sense why the majority of customers prefer one-step checkout to traditional checkout methods.

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