No matter how small or large your eCommerce store is, it’s important that you are paying close attention to how engaged your customers are. Many online retailers either confuse customer engagement with customer service or simply disregard it altogether, despite how important it is to their bottom line.

First, let’s clear up the difference between customer experience and customer engagement. Customer engagement refers to what occurs during customer touch-points, while customer experience is the attitude that your customer has as a result of these encounters. Both are important, but customer engagement is what grows your loyal and profitable fan base.

If you own a Magento site and are looking to boost your customer engagement, here are 10 extensions that can help you achieve this goal:

Olark Live Chat

Automation may help us get more done in less time, but at the end of the day, human interaction beats out any machine. Using live chat, you can engage with customers who have questions about your products and help guide them through the checkout process.

The Olark Live Chat extension provides your site with an on-page chat so that you can answer questions immediately before they leave. Not only can you see who is visiting your site, but you can also see what they are adding to their shopping cart. With this extension, your online store can tap into huge the potential that live chat has to offer.

Track Customer Behavior OroCRM Tracking

Tracking your customer’s behavior allows you to improve both the customer experience and their engagement on your site. With an extension that allows you to collect and analyze customer data, you can figure out what your customers are searching for and engage with them at the opportune moment.

The OroCRM Tracking extension is an open source customer relationship management (CRM) for eCommerce. It adds the pre-configured tracking script to your Magento site and collects important data you need to increase engagement such as page views, registration of new users, items being added to a cart, start of order checkout, and more.

Transactional Email Surveys--Dotmailer

Surveys are an excellent way to engage with your customers and improve your Magento store. Getting useful feedback from your target audience helps start a conversation about what your online store’s strengths and weaknesses are.

This is where the dotmailer extension comes in. This extension comes with a variety of functions and features, including data segmentation, behavioral profiling, personalization, marketing automation, online surveys, and extensive API—all of which help you engage your customer on a higher level.

aheadWorks Event-Based Discounts

It can be incredibly frustrating for eCommerce merchants to see a customer go through the checkout process—only to see them drop the sale in the end. To complete the sale, they might need some extra help in the form of a discount.

The aheadWorks Event-Based Discounts extensions reduces shopping cart abandonments by allowing you to create various campaigns that offer time-sensitive promotions to your customers. These offers can have timers set for “x” number of minutes so that the shopper has an incentive to complete the sale quickly. In the end, you get more sales and the customer becomes more loyal thanks to a welcome discount on their purchase.


Engaging with customers across multiple channels is more important now than ever before thanks to increasingly tough competition in the eCommerce world. To improve your chances of a sale, it’s critical that you’re engaging with customers in various channels such as social media and email campaigns.

The Freshdesk extension for Magento allows online merchants to offer support across different channels and brings the conversation back into their online store. The extension gives you the ability to create Freshdesk support tickets from within your Magento site and view them all on the customer dashboard. It also allows you to enable the feedback widget across your store with just one click. With Freshdesk, customers can create, view, and respond to their tickets from your store.

aheadWorks iPhone Theme

In case you haven’t heard, improving the mobile experience for shoppers is key to your eCommerce success. With mobile sales accounting for over one-third of all U.S. eCommerce sales, connecting with them through their mobile devices is now vital.

The aheadWorks iPhone Theme extension enhances the mobile user experience with features such as customizable home page options with a mobile-friendly design, helpful sorting and filtering capabilities, and touch-friendly image galleries.

Product Q & A

Just like live chat, product Q & A’s give your customers the answers they need to help them complete a sale. A typical Q & A starts a conversation that is not only helpful to your customer, but also helpful to future customers who browse the questions and answers.

The Product Q & A extension for Magento allows you to manage a FAQ page and customer inquiries about your products. By clearing any doubts they may have about a project, you can boost your sales and win over more customers.

aheadWorks Advanced Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to engage your customers and let them know the latest deals and information on your products. With the aheadWorks Advanced Newsletter, you are given everything you need to start a successful newsletter. It allows you to set up your email campaigns for each store individually, improve open rates through personalization, and even includes MailChimp integration with Magento.

Blog - Community Edition by aheadWorks

Starting a blog is a common marketing strategy for improving customer engagement and sales. With the aheadWorks Blog extension, you can effortlessly create relevant content that attracts and engages your target audience. Its features include multistore RSS, the latest posts widget, comments per page option, and more.

aheadWorks Knowledge Base

It’s important to have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your site because it answers questions that some customers want to know but can’t be bothered to ask. With the Knowledge Base extension, you can easily add a fully customizable FAQ page to your online store so that your one-time visitors turn into loyal customers.