Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform on its own, but it can’t cater to every single eCommerce store that uses its platform. Thus, extensions can help fill the needs of your unique business and maximize its potential in the eCommerce market.

While every eCommerce store is different, there are a few extensions that your online store will need regardless of what industry you’re in. Make sure that your Magento site has these six extensions to help improve its functionality:

One-Step Checkout

According to Baymard Institute, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.63 percent. There are many reasons why your customers could be mysteriously leaving during checkout, but one of the main reasons is that there are too many steps to complete.

To simplify this, you can download the aheadWorks One Step Checkout. This extension streamlines the checkout process with features such as auto-filling for billing and shipping, single page checkout, and the ability to save addresses in an address book.

Live Chat Support

When customers have questions regarding your products, most of them don’t want to call a number and be put on hold just to get an answer. This is where the Olark Live Chat extension comes in. This extension helps keep your customers on your site and improves their experience with an on-page chat feature. You can get notified in real-time when your customers view big-ticket items, when they add or remove items from their shopping cart, or when you get repeat customers.

Email Marketing Campaign

The key to a winning email marketing campaign is taking the data you have gathered from your Magento store and putting it into action. With the Bronto extension for Magento, you can significantly increase traffic and sales to your site by creating highly targeted email marketing campaigns. This extension allows you to auto-calculate RFM metrics, insert product recommendations into emails, and shoot off email reminders to those who abandon their shopping carts.

Blog Extension

Blogs play a critical role in an online store’s success. An engaging and consistent blog provides your customers with valuable information and helps boost your site’s rankings in search engines, which gives your store greater visibility.

With a full-featured blog extension, you can continue to wow your customers with engaging content. The aheadWorks blog extension is one of the most popular blog extensions for Magento and is also easy to maintain as well.

A/B Testing

Continually testing your site to see what resonates most with your customers is essential for any eCommerce site owner. Perhaps your newsletter signup button gets more clicks when it’s located at the top right of your web page, or maybe your visitors are engaged with one blog post headline over another. With split testing, you can optimize your conversion rates by finding out which features perform better than the other.

If you want to specifically test your Magento themes, the Creare AB (Split) Testing extension is what you’re looking for. This extension allows you to give half of your customers a different theme and then track them using Google Analytics.

Social Sharing

We probably don’t have to tell you how important social media is to your eCommerce success. The average internet user has five social media accounts and many are using them to share products that they enjoy.

You can make it easy for your own products to be shared on social media with the Saaslink Social extension for Magento. This extension enhances product page linking and gives users the ability to share and promote products on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available, it still has some flaws that can be improved with extensions. Whether you need to improve your SEO or streamline the checkout process, there is most likely an extension that can help your online store.

Taking advantage of Magento’s many extensions can improve your customer’s experience and increase your online store’s sales. Although the ones listed above are just a few of our favorites, there are others that can certainly boost your sales and allow you to reach your goals. If we’ve missed any that have significantly helped your own store, let us hear about them in the comments!