eCommerce is a trillion-dollar market and growing. Enterprises continue to seek ways to streamline the process to make a better and more efficient buying experience. This helps to retain old customers and entice new ones.

Many retailers have an Amazon Seller account. Selling on Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retailers, has substantially increased the bottom line of many companies. Based out of Seattle, Washington, this electronic commerce and cloud computing company began as an online bookstore and recently surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States.

Amazon is so large that it offers retail websites in almost 20 different countries and has online apps in many more, in addition to offering shipping of some products internationally. Selling your product on Amazon has the potential to dramatically expand your client base.

Amazon has invested heavily in a massive amount of server capacity.

Most businesses do not realize you can take advantage of your Amazon seller account by using a module to speed up your server by using Amazon S3. Bandwidth, server types, and many other factors help determine how fast you can speed up your server.

Knowing how to speed up your server provides you with a straightforward and easy way to enhance your eCommerce site experience and gain more customers.


The nerve center of any eCommerce retailer is the website’s content management system (CMS). Magneto is one of the more robust CMS systems on the market. One out of four online enterprises use Magneto’s platform. Magneto partners with many other companies and products to keep their CMS competitive.

Many companies with an Amazon seller account use Magento with Magneto extensions to conduct business.


Downloadables are any products, such as movies, videos, books, software, or perhaps updates that you deliver over the net. Sometimes you may offer a sample as a downloadable. Downloadables can use a lot of your bandwidth. This may result in further expenditures to ensure a good customer experience.

Server Response

Your server response time depends on four main factors: website traffic, website resource usage, web server software, and web hosting.

Downloadables use website resources. Anything you can do to minimize website resource usage by your server frees up bandwidth to use elsewhere.

Hence, if you can use another server’s bandwidth, you use your own bandwidth for other computations.

Cloud Storage and Amazon S3

Most businesses and individuals use cloud storage. Cloud storage enables easy access, sharing, and storage of all your company’s data. Amazon provides cloud storage through their product Amazon S3 that many retailers use.

You can use a Magneto extension to use the Amazon S3 bandwidth rather than rely on your server.

Downloadable Products and Server Usage

Clients want quick downloads and page loading. Customer attention spans are short and if a page on your site does not load fast enough, potential paying customers are likely to click through and try another site that Google Search recommends.

A number of downloadables will slow down your site. Even if you specify a URL, most downloadable products will go through your server.

Why Use Amazon S3 Bandwidth?

Bandwidth can cost a lot of money. You need a reasonable amount of bandwidth for conducting business. If you have many downloads that customers purchase or receive, this may require further investment.

You can avoid expending valuable monetary resources on increased bandwidth by taking advantage of the inexpensive bandwidth that Amazon S3 provides.

Amazon S3 for Downloadable Products

You can save your server resources for other things by purchasing an Amazon S3 for downloadable products extension. The module works by skipping Magento entirely. When your customers download a file, they use the less expensive Amazon S-3 bandwidth, thereby saving your bandwidth for other computational resources needed by your clients.

The "My Account" section of your website still keeps track of the number of downloadables the customer uses.


Installation of the module is simple. Configure it using your Amazon Access and Secret Key, and then execute a few more steps to ensure the secure URL will be generated automatically every time a file is downloaded.

Final Thoughts

Taking advantage of Amazon’s S3 server bandwidth will not only save you money, but also enhance the experiences of your customers. Retailers that regularly have customers downloading data will find that by taking advantage of this technology you ultimately can provide your clients with better experiences.

You can also maximize practical usage of your server’s computational power by redirecting bandwidth usage elsewhere.