In today's society, everything has become digital. From magazines to emails, people are utilizing the Internet for anything and everything. This is especially true for shopping and eCommerce stores.

eCommerce is the process of trading products or services on a digital platform. Businesses who use eCommerce are able to complete buying transactions initiated by customers from all over the world.

One major difference between eCommerce stores and other businesses is the importance of proper packaging and shipping of their products. Many of these businesses rely on the digital platform component of their enterprise to increase their revenue, and shipping plays a crucial role when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers.

Yet, store owners are still trying to figure out the complexities of proper shipping techniques and rates to retain a higher return-on-investment.

These three shipping tips can help improve your revenues and create a better experience for your eCommerce customers.

Think Like a Consumer

eCommerce store owners need to take the perspective of their customers. By doing so, they'll be able to better understand what they can do to attract more consumers. You could start by asking yourself how you want products shipped to you if you bought a product online. For instance, should you offer free shipping? Could you customize the delivery date to obtain the product at a certain time that is best fitted to your schedule?

The answers to these questions can point eCommerce stores in the right direction when it comes to quality customer service and unique shipping and handling procedures. It's important for eCommerce stores to provide their consumers with a more personable experience, so they can feel like a one-of-a-kind customer.

Make a Lasting Impression

The best way to make an eCommerce store more personable is to create an unforgettable experience for consumers. But how can any store owner make shipping a unique experience for his or her customers? Begin by creating an entertaining package for them to open your products. Place a thank you note in each package you send out, or create a custom-made package design related to your industry.

These tweaks will make a lasting impression on consumers and encourage them to return to your eCommerce store. It will also help your store stand out from the competition and provide a unique shipping service that emphasizes customer experience.

Already have a well-designed package? Ensure quality customer service with proper organization and full tracking of the item(s) the customer has ordered. Customer data is a superb way for stores to organize client information to ensure the package will be sent in a timely and orderly manner to the destination. That way, packages will arrive on time at each checkpoint, so clients can see the exceptional effort and service of the store. Making the extra effort to satisfy and entertain your customers will help in the long run. Creating a memorable experience for consumers will improve brand loyalty and give a higher return on investment.

Make Sure Your Math Is Correct

Believe it or not, shipping rates have a large role in many eCommerce businesses. Since most eCommerce stores don't have actual, physical buildings for consumers to shop in, owners need to correctly calculate their shipping rates. These rates are an important aspect when it comes to making revenue for the business.

Charge too little, and you won't be making enough money on each of the products you package and ship. Charge too much, and you'll lose consumers to your competition. A lot of factors come into play when calculating shipping rates like weight, size, destination, etc. Therefore, organizing these factors to ensure your shipping rates are reasonable can be very tedious.

Luckily, large corporations like FedEx and USPS share their shipping charges, so other businesses can gauge the range of what a proper shipping rate looks like. Furthermore, there are various tools that eCommerce stores can use to accurately calculate their rates. These tools will simplify the calculations to accurately provide a price that is sensible to both the consumer and the business.


Shipping and handling can be a complex procedure that many eCommerce stores have problems addressing. However, there are various ways to improve and diversify shipping methods to increase your return-on-investment. From creating unique shipping experiences to providing free shipping to consumers, an eCommerce business can stand out from its competition to acquire and retain more customers.

Retailers today understand the importance of utilizing the digital platform to sell products. With the reliance on using the web to sell, eCommerce stores have to stay on top of their shipping processes. For that reason, these store owners need to educate themselves more on these procedures to increase brand loyalty and to build a trusting reputation with consumers.

Make sure you're shipping and handling practices secure your needs, as well as the consumers’, in order to increase your revenue stream.