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Checkout Address Autocomplete

Helping Customer enter their address easily for both desktop and mobile checkout using google map api.

Editor comment

Using Google's API is a very cost effective way to validate addresses properly.

Checkout Address Autocomplete

Checkout Address Autocomplete is an extension that allows your customers to complete purchases quicker as they are given suggestions to auto-complete their address from the partial address they have entered or are entering. Google Search based on Geo etc, usually user just enter road number and first letter of the road name

Checkout Address Autocomplete utilizes the Google Places API. Google Places API will search the address based on geo location so it is more accurate.

Why Use Checkout Address Autocomplete ?

Firstly, it significantly speeds up the process of entering addresses for your customers because it cuts keystrokes by around 80%.

Secondly, it ensures that addresses in database are in a standardized, consistent format, reducing the likelihood of duplicates.

Thirdly, it populates your database with accurate addresses, so your deliveries and invoices will arrive at the right place.


Google Map Api is much cheaper comparing with CanadaPost API you can get 25,000 free api call every day and 1000 requests for $0.50 comparing Cxxadapost will cost $100 for 1000 requests (based on Feb,2015).

Checkout Address Autocomplete is desktop, tablet and mobile compatible. Also support TM firecheckout.

Bugs? visit to submit request.

Current working on US and Canada Only due to Province issue

Versions History

Version : 0.1.4

Adding shipping address support while checkout

Version : 0.1.3

init release

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