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CODNITIVE - Persian (Farsi) Language Pack

This extension is official Persian (Farsi) language pack translated by CODNITIVE.

CODNITIVE - Persian (Farsi) Language Pack

CODNITIVE - Persian (Farsi) Language Pack

If you are looking to have a Magento store in Persian or you want have Persian language in your multilingual store, CODNITIVE - Persian (Farsi) Language Pack is for you. This extension is an official Persian translation for Magento translated by Codnitive. By installing this language pack you can use Persian translate in both frontend and backend of your Magento store.

Magento Compatibility:

For best compatibility with different versions of Magento, please install specified versions of "CODNITIVE - Persian (Farsi) Language Pack" based on your Magento version.

  • Magento and above install 1.5.01 beta
  • Magento install 1.4.10

    Please Note:

  1. Version 1.4.10 of the language pack is stable and translated 100% for Magento, but in version 1.5.01 of the language pack, about 85% of Magento translated to Persian.
  2. New features which added to Magento versions after didn't translated yet in language pack 1.5.01.
  3. After Magento structure of transactional emails templates changed, so in language pack 1.5.01 beta this templates removed and will add after new translate in next stable release.

We are working on Persian translation for newer versions of Magento and will release them soon.

Versions History

Version : 1.5.01

This version of extension is compatible with Magneto and above

Version : 1.4.10

This version of extension is compatible with Magento

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