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Creare AB (Split) Testing

Give 50% of your customers a different theme, then track them using Google Analytics.

Creare AB (Split) Testing

Creare AB (Split) Testing

If you have ever wanted to split-test Magento by giving half of your visitors a different theme then this is the extension for you. By split testing using themes (rather than individual pages like other A/B testing methods), you are giving yourself the opportunity to tailor everything about your Magento store for the purpose of increasing your conversion rate. Within a theme you can change all template files, all CSS and JS files. You can also edit all of the layout XML files. There's no end to what you can change and test against your current theme. ## A Quick Overview

To get the most out of this extension please you'll need to set up 3 Google Analytics accounts (or 2 if you already have analytics installed). The first analytics account is your master account - this appears on both themes and will track ALL data. The other 2 are for each individual theme - they will track 50% of your total visitors. Simply select your theme and enter your tracking code into each of the fields within System > Configuration > AB Testing. ## FAQ

If you're struggling to see the settings page in the admin then please Clear your Cache - then logout / back in again. ## Detailed write-up

For a detailed write-up please see our Magento AB Testing blog post or take a look at our other Magento Extensions.

Versions History

Version : 0.1.0

This is the first release - should work fine on

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