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Creare Latest Tweets From Twitter

Latest Tweets for Magento from Creare, featuring the new oAuth standards for Twitter API 1.1.

Creare Latest Tweets From Twitter

The new and improved Latest Tweets for Magento extension is back!

We're now compatible with oAuth and the Twitter API 1.1 (the latest Twitter standard).

Here is a list of the features:

  1. Choose whether to display in the left or right sidebar
  2. Choose how many tweets you want to display
  3. Choose whether or not you want to include links in your tweets (as well as mentions and hashtags)

We've also now added the option to add a "follow me" button!

To Install

Your latest tweets section will not appear until you perform the following simple steps:

  1. Install the extension, clear your cache, login/logout of admin (the usual!)
  2. Navigate to System > Configuration > Latest Tweets
  3. Enter your API keys from
  4. Edit and save your settings

Getting your API Keys from Twitter

For those of you struggling to obtain your API keys here is a quick guide:

  1. Login to with your normal twitter username/password
  2. Create a new application - enter your website information
  3. Click on your new application - then click "Create my access tokens"
  4. Copy/Paste your consumer keys and access tokens into the appropriate fields in the Latest Tweets extension
  5. That should be that!

We've got a few more plans in the pipeline, first of the agenda - caching. We want to be able to cache the latest successful callback from Twitter - just in case the API goes down or your really popular Magento site breaks the limit!

Remember all of our extensions are available from our Creare Magento Extensions section on our new website. If you want us to customise or install it for you then please visit our Magento Extension Latest Tweet for Magento page.

Developed by @kent_robert for Creare Group

Versions History

Version : 2.0.1

oAuth fixes - now works with twitter API 1.1

Version : 1.0.0

Tested and working with -

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