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CreareSEO provides extra features and settings to help enhance Magento's SEO performance.


At Creare, we are passionate about both Magento and SEO. With our many years of experience in both fields we have come across many stumbling blocks when it comes to optimising your Magento store for search engines.

Magento is very SEO-ready 'out-of-the-box', which means we have a good foundation to build on top of, but it can certainly be improved in a few areas.

By installing this extension you will enable a list of new tools and settings that can help you combat issues such as duplicate content and unwanted 404 pages. We've also combined a few of our other extensions such as HTML sitemap, and optimised category headings.

What's included?

Creare SEO for Magento includes the following features:

  • HTML sitemap
  • Unique category headings
  • Noindex on category filters
  • Default meta descriptions and page titles for products and categories
  • 301 redirects for discontinued products
  • Config-editable .htaccess and robots.txt
  • Ability to disable keywords and meta description tags
  • Twitter cards for product pages
  • Performance cleanup script
  • An SEO checking page in the admin
  • Duplicate product button removal
  • Breadcrumbs structured data
  • XML sitemap fix
  • Canonical product redirect
  • Universal Anayltics Support
  • Mandatory Product Image Labels
  • Google Sitelinks Search Support
  • Product Structured Data
  • Social Media Schema
  • Google Content Grouping
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • Logo & Organization structured data
  • Canonical links for CMS pages

We have created a video and written in further detail how it works on our blog page:

Developer Details

Module written by Magento Certified Developers Adam Moss (@adampmoss) and Robert Kent (@kent_robert). Check out our other extensions and services on our company website.

Module ideas and contributions are provided by one of Creare's SEO specialists and Technical Director, James Bavington (@jamesbavington).

Our Creare SEO extension and many other Magento SEO tips and techniques also feature within the "Magento book about SEO" - written by our very own Robert Kent.


This is extension is also available on GitHub and we accept pull requests. Feel free to get involved! CreareSEO on GitHub


For support, please read the 'Known Issues' or raise a ticket on our support website: CreareSEO Support Centre
We no longer respond to support requests directly via email or through the Magento Connect messaging system. As this is a free extension we cannot guarantee fixes for all custom installations.

Known Issues

We have documented some solutions to several known issues. Go here to read them:

Versions History

Version : 1.4.1


  • Fixed JSON Grouped product schema
Version : 1.4.0


  • Logo structured data
  • Organization structured data
  • Canonical tags for CMS pages


  • Product structured data no longer escapes apostrophes with backward slash
  • Product canonical redirects maintain querystring
  • customer_log table no longer truncated to preserve last logged in data
Version : 1.3.1
  • Fixed schema problem with product reviews where no rating is given
Version : 1.3.0
  • Added product schema
  • Added social schema
  • Added new breadcrumb schema
  • Added Google Content Grouping
  • Added Google Tag Manager support
  • Fixed Twitter cards and OG data
  • Allowed robots.txt editing for multisite
  • Added translation function to checker page
  • Other minor fixes and text changes
Version : 1.2.3
  • Fixed duplication and OG errors in social.phtml
  • Made Uinversal Analytics only applicable to sites with a version less than 1.9.1 as it is supported in Magento by default from this version onwards.

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