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CueBlocks Zoom

CueBlocks Zoom is a Magento extension which replaces the default product zoom functionality with jQuery zoom.

CueBlocks Zoom

NOTE: Not tested with 1.7 and above! We are coming soom with the upgraded version.

The extension replaces the default zoom slider under the main image box with jQuery zoom. The user can mouse-over the image and the larger image view of that particular area shows up on the screen next to the main image (user can magnify a specific part of the image without having to open the images in a new window). Also, all images under "More Views" load on the product page itsef and make use of the localized zoom function of the extension. Installation will take approximately 5 minutes.

  1. Install the CueBlocks Zoom extension using Magento Connect.
  2. Log out from admin.
  3. Clear the cache and login again.
  4. To have a better view of zoom functionality you need to upload image equal or greater than 800*800 pixels.
  5. NOTE: template/catalog/product/view/media.phtml file will be ignored and the one in the extension will be used for the zoom function to work on the product page. So if you have customized your media.phtml file, you will need to copy your custom code and paste it in this "new" file located at /design/frontend/default/default/template/zoom/media.phtml. For help, please get in touch with us at a>
    6.This extension will work for simple,configurable,virtual,downloadable,bundled and grouped products.

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Versions History

Version : 3.0.2

Fixed below installation error for Magento 1.6 :

error: CONNECT ERROR: Package file is invalid. Invalid or empty login for author #1.

Version : 3.0.1
  • all template/layout and skin files has been moved to base theme to make ext. more plug & play

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