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Custom stock status

Improve stock status of products, customers will be grateful for additional information.

Custom stock status


Make stock status more informative add an optional description. Add custom stock status to any type of product. Choose where you want to display a custom stock status.


    • Allow to specify the message "custom stock status" automatically or manually for a particular product;
    • Allow to disable the message "custom stock status" for a particular product;
    • Allow to add the amount of stock on hand in the message "custom stock status";
    • Allow to display "custom stock status" with the standard or only standard or only "custom stock status";
    • Allow to display "custom stock status" on the product pages, on the category list pages in the product blocks, in the in the products blocks on the shopping cart page.
    • Allow add custom image/icon for custom stockstatus text on the category list pages;
    • Allow display image and text together and text or image alone;
    • Allows to specify the product's quantity condition for displaying custom stock status.

Important notice:
If you have some problem with installation, please contact us! We will be glad to help you.

“Custom stock status” Installation Manual

  1. To install the module “Custom stock status” go to it’s page on magento-connect service.

  2. Click on the button “Install now” (login if it needs) select the checkbox “I agree to the extension licence agreement”. Click on the button “Get extension key”. Copy the extension key to clipboard.

  3. Make sure that the directories:

        - app/code/community

        - app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template

        - app/etc/modules

        - app/design/frontend/base/default/layout

        - app/locale/en_US

        - js

have permissions 0775.

  1. Go to your store Magento admin panel. System -> Magento Connect. Input your login and password.

  2. Paste the extension key to input field in “Install Extensions” tab.

Input extension key

  1. Return to your store Magento admin panel and go to System -> Cache Management. Click on link “Select All” in the header of the table.

Flush cache image

  1. Click on button “Flush Cache Storage”.

  2. Log out and then log into your Magento admin panel.

Versions History

Version : 1.0.5

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 1.0.4

Add stable module version.

Version : 1.0.2
  • Ability to add image for custom stockstatus text.
  • Ability display image with text, image or text alone
Version : 1.0.1

Fix display Stock level

Version : 1.0.0

Module ' Custom stock status ' developed by Web4pro.

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