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FireGento PDF

FireGento PDF overwrites standard PDF layouts for invoices, shipments and creditmemos.

FireGento PDF

German Description below

**Installation Instructions

  1. Install the extension
  2. Clear the cache, logout from the admin panel and then login again.
  3. Configure the extension under System - Configuration - PDF Print-outs **- - - - - -

FireGento PDF can be used in order to overwrite the standard PDF layouts for invoices, shipments and creditmemos.


  • the following values can be printed in the PDF header: invoice/shipment/creditmemo number, order number, customer number, customer IP, invoice date, payment type, shipment type
  • different values from the configuration can be printed
  • configurable column order in the invoice
  • if the FireGento German Setup extension is installed, a footer with the imprint values can be printed
  • the engines for the PDF creation can be switched via config.xml

    If you have any issues or you are missing an feature with this extension, please open an issue on GitHub. Thank you. - - - - - -

FireGento PDF kann dazu genutzt werden, um das Standard PDF Layout für Rechnungen, Lieferscheine und Gutschriften überschreiben.


  • folgende Werte können im oberen Teil der PDF ausgeben werden: Rechnungs-/Lieferschein-/Gutschrift-Nummer, Bestellnummer, Kundennummer, Kunden IP, Rechnungsdatum, Zahlungsart, Versandart
  • es können unterschiedliche Notizen aus der Konfiguration ausgegeben werden
  • anpassbare Spaltenreihenfolge in der Rechnung
  • ist das FireGento German Setup Modul installiert, kann ein Footer mit den Impressums-Angaben angezeigt werden
  • die Engines für die PDF-Erstellung lassen sich per config.xml austauschen

    Sollten Sie einen Fehler feststellen oder eine Funktionalität vermissen, erstellen Sie bitte ein Ticket auf GitHub. Vielen Dank.

Versions History

Version : 1.3.0
  • [FEATURE] support for downloading invoice/creditmemo/shipping PDFs from the customer account page
  • [FEATURE] support for downloadable items
  • [FEATURE] added Swiss locale
  • [FEATURE] possibility to upload custom fonts
  • [FEATURE] possibility to swap position of customer address and invoice details
  • [FEATURE] possibility to define custom filename patterns for invoice, creditmemo and shipping PDFs
  • [FEATURE] added event firegento_pdf_imprint_load_after to change certain imprint data
  • [FEATURE] possibility to resize the logo
  • [FEATURE] added more fields to imprint which are provided by MageSetup -
  • [BUGFIX] fixed tax display which was wrong in certain cases
  • [BUGFIX] fixed custom column order when used with bundle products
  • [BUGFIX] fixed number format of tax rates (with bad black magic, improvements are welcome!) (#101)
  • [MISC] improved wording in system.xml
  • [MISC] changed mage-hackathon-installer from required to suggestion, because there are more installers out there
  • [MISC] updated autogenerated documentation
  • [MISC] corrected code style
  • [MISC] implemented a few first unit tests
  • [MISC] add recommendation for Mage_LocaleFallback in readme
Version : 1.2.0
  • [FEATURE] 1.8 compatibility
  • [FEATURE] added possibility to print order ID barcodes on shipment PDFs
  • [FEATURE] added possibility to print shipment type on shipment PDFs
  • [FEATURE] added universal event, so that developers can add custom stuff anywhere they want via observers
  • [FEATURE] added possibility to use a full-width logo
  • [FEATURE] configuration option whether to print the customer number
  • [FEATURE] possibility to add invoice comments on invoice PDF
  • [FEATURE] dutch translation
  • [BUGFIX] fixed error when there is no country in the imprint
  • [BUGFIX] print shipping address instead of invoice address on shipment PDF
  • [MISC] respect FireGento coding guidelines
Version : 1.1.0

FireGento PDF overwrites standard PDF layouts for invoices, shipments and creditmemos.

Version : 1.0.0

FireGento PDF overwrites standard PDF layouts for invoices, shipments and creditmemos.

Attention: Still has some bugs. Please use 1.1.0.

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