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Xtension Galaxy

Fooman Custom Navigation Bar & Flexible Menu Extension

Quickly and easily customise Magento's top navigation menu.

About Developer

Fooman develops quality, trusted Magento extensions that help you and your clients run a more efficient and profitable Magento business. Our free and paid extensions add genuinely useful and flexible ecommerce functionality that helps to unlock the most out of what Magento has to offer.

We are a proud Silver Magento Technology Partner and have been developing extensions since the first Magento version was released. Fooman is based in New Zealand and has a fast growing customer base of Magento agencies, developers and merchants in more than 70 countries.

Fooman Custom Navigation Bar & Flexible Menu Extension

Easily customise Magento's top navigation menu in minutes with this powerful developer tool.

A better customer experience

Simplify navigation to keep customers browsing your store for longer. Make it easy for people to find the information they want – link to your FAQ's, contact page and add a hover cart to make it easy for them to complete their purchase!

Create a logical menu structure using fold out navigation options and parent headings to make browsing easier and keep your site looking great.

Comprehensive and flexible

Create a professional navigation menu by mixing and matching different page types.

Add CMS pages, checkout links and even individual product pages – whatever makes sense for your store. Your mix and match options are unlimited.

Developer friendly

Set up or modify a navigation menu in just 10 minutes – no need to spend time and effort on manual coding and customisations!

It's quick and easy for your clients to maintain the menu themselves after setup. They'll thank you for it – plus it will make your life easier.

Smart, fully integrated code

The extension works with the existing store theme and makes full use of Magento's CSS navigation elements. The result? A fully integrated navigation menu without editing template files or repeating custom design work you spend hours on.

It uses the same structure as native Magento's navigation menu, so you can retain existing menu items and category trees while adding new items.

Quick and easy to use

Not just for developers! Easily add, manage and delete menu items from the Magento backend without technical knowledge.

The extension has been tested by users with basic Magento knowledge and was given a thumbs up for being easy to use.

Aheadworks blog integration

Websites with inbuilt blogs attract more visitors and perform better in Google search results.

Effortlessly integrate your Aheadworks blog with your store. Link to your blog's main page, or include a fold out menu linking to blog categories or even individual blog posts.

Fully cached for site performance

The navigation block is fully cached so the top menu loads lightening fast.

Quality extension

No core classes were harmed making this extension! It's been extensively tested and we even use it on our own website. Check out the Fooman navigation menu above – it's completely powered by this extension. After not being able to find a solution which allowed more than just linking to product categories or CMS pages, and didn't write over our custom made theme, we developed our own.


• Easily add, manage and delete menu items in the backend
• Fold out navigation and parent headings – hover over a main menu item to view sub categories, products and child headings
• Organise pages hierarchically (including CMS pages)
• Custom naming for most menu items
• Easily change the order of menu items
• Navigation block is cached to load the menu lightening fast
• Fully integrates with your existing Magento theme and CSS
• Integrates with hover effects (if supported by your existing Magento theme)
• Quality coding - fully integrated with standard Magento code, with no core classes rewritten
• Supports multi store setups

Add any combination of the following to your top navigation menu:
• Home page
• Checkout page (can be configured to appear only when a customer has something in their cart)
• Cart (with hover mini cart functionality)
• Account page (with optional 'logout' dropdown box when customer is logged in and hovers over this menu item)
• Login page
• Contact page
• Content/CMS pages
• Group all product categories under a user friendly parent heading (eg. “Shop” or “Browse Products”)
• Product category
• Individual product
Aheadworks blog – main page/main page with fold out categories/category/blog post

Fooman Support & Return Policy

30 day money back guarantee

Versions History

Version : 1.0.10

There are no release notes for this version.

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