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Xtension Galaxy

Fontis eWAY AU

Adds support for eWAY AU payment gateway.

Fontis eWAY AU

This extension uses the eWAY Australia payment gateway for credit card processing.

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eWAY is an International Payment Gateway. eWAY Australia provides merchants unbeatable customer service and uptime. eWAY’s aim is to make online payments easy and to grow merchants’ businesses online. Join the thousands of eWAY customers worldwide who trust eWAY as their online payment provider. Register today at

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Versions History

Version : 1.3.0

Added pre-auth and void support to eWAY Direct. Added Token API payment method. Minor fixes and improvements to code.

Version : 1.2.5

This release provides a fix for problems with the CVN/CVV code not being validated by the gateway.

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