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Xtension Galaxy

Search: Smartest Instant Search

Search that learns, generates sales. Fastest, most advanced cloud-based search, autocomplete, instant search

Search: Smartest Instant Search

Intelligent cloud hosted site search with self-learning search technology. Guaranteed to increase in search led conversions.

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Guaranteed boost in conversions directly from the search box.

Klevu’s Ajax-based search for Magento goes beyond fast response and auto-complete, to provide the most advanced search available today. Klevu helps deliver an awesome shopping experience for your customers directly from the search box.

Klevu Search Features

  1. Fastest Search: Lightning fast results in less than 200 milliseconds
  2. Advanced Search Technology: Ajax based search beyond solr and Lucene
  3. Awesome search UI: grid view, list view, advance filters and search landing page
  4. Secure: 100% cloud hosted, CDN backed and secure backups
  5. Self-learning: Search results get optimized based on search queries on your store
  6. Product Promotions: Customized product boosting in search results
  7. Error Tolerant: Automatically take care of spelling mistakes
  8. Responsive Design: Automatically formats search results for mobiles/tablets
  9. Search Analytics: Advanced data to boost your conversions and optimize SEO
  10. Multi-language: Supports search in multi-languages
  11. Easy Integration Process

Rich autocomplete
Klevu automatically completes the search query by providing rich, insightful and intuitive suggestions. Autocomplete starts from 1st character!

Grid view layout
Klevu provides ready made alternative to autocomplete layout. It is possible to show instant results with navigation panel in quick search.

Self-learning search
Klevu continuously learns how shoppers interact by using search on the store. It builds on the learning and optimizes results. No manual work.

Fully customisable
Klevu provides full control and flexibility on the look and feel of search results. Based on the open CSS principle, search results can be customized to any extent desired.

Search results page in your store's native theme
Klevu provides an option to show the search landing page in the native theme of your store.

Error tolerance
An enhanced keyword search index ensures that shoppers are always connected to the right products.

Identifies and manages stop words (i.e. and, to, for…) to get to the heart of the search.

Understands what your shoppers mean even if they use verbs and adjectives in different grammatical forms.

Dynamic filters
Automatically creates all relevant filters in the search results. Filters allows shoppers to explore results in great detail.

Content search
Klevu can show non-product data in the search results. This could be anything from how-to guides to customer service pages and even a blog.

Category directed search
Klevu shows category pages directly in the search results. Shoppers can be directed to specific category pages for further discovery.

Trending searches
Klevu prompts consumers with words from popular and recent searches, creating interaction with shoppers, and accelerating the buying process.

Automated catalog enrichment
Klevu adds contextually relevant synonyms to your catalog in metadata format. This enrichment of your catalog data can result in 3x the depth and coverage of search results.

Synonym dictionary
You can train the Klevu search robot for the unique elements related to your store by providing lists of keywords specific to your store. Klevu automatically identifies these words and delivers the best results.

URL redirect
URL redirect allows you to direct shoppers to a certain page on specific keywords. For example, direct shoppers to a special promotion page when the keyword “holiday” is searched.

Klevu search supports your product promotion and business logic. Merchandising ensures that the products you want to promote appear at the top of the search results when relevant.

Klevu analytics help create razor sharp SEO and promotional campaigns. Concrete data to helps increase conversion rates. You’ll have complete visibility of the path from search to purchase.


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Version : 1.2.15

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Version : 1.2.14

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Version : 1.2.13

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Version : 1.2.12

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Version : 1.2.11

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