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Xtension Galaxy

Magento Configuration & System Configurator

Never loose important configuration changes made in your Magento store again.

Magento Configuration & System Configurator

Stop with manually setting all the new configurations when you publish a new version of your webshop and never loose an important configuration change made in your development/staging installation. With the Configuration Versioning extension you get a complete overview of the changes made, convert these changes into Magento setup scripts that can be used as upgrade scripts for your configuration data. On your production installation you can also use the extension to monitor changes made to the system.


Currently the following changes are tracked and stored as a changelog:

  • System Configuration
  • CMS Pages
  • CMS Blocks
  • Checkout Agreement (Terms and Conditions)
  • Transactional E-mail
  • Design change
  • Custom Variables
  • Customer Groups
  • Newsletter templates
  • Tax Classes (Customer and Product)
  • Tax Rates
  • Tax Rules


For the items listed above the extension will record every deletion or change saved to a record to the changelog. For every change it also records the date/time of the change and the admin user that made the change.

With the saved changes it is then possible to:

Generate Setup script:
The selected changes are saved to a file as an upgrade script that is used by Magento. The extension versionnumber is incremented and the generated version number is stored with the selected changes.

Revert change:
For every entry the previous and new data is saved, this allows you to do a roll-back of the change if there was an error.

Archive change:
If the change is not needed for production but you still want to keep a history for the change (or export it later) it is possible to archive the record.

Delete change:
It is also to delete the change, for example if there where multiple changes done and only the last change is needed on production.


Single installation:
The license for a single installation allows you to install and use the extension on all installations that use the same code-base for a single project. This can be used on development, staging, test and production servers.


This extension is rated with an 8.7 with the NetResearch service Judge*, see the complete details.

*)Judge is a tool to examine Magento extensions regarding their quality and compatibility. It contains tests for rate of comments: Magento Coding Style, CodeCoverage, core hacks, performance issues, rewrites of controller/helper/model/blocks, security checks, source code complexity and many more.

Extension Documentation

Genmato Support & Return Policy

We provide a full month (31 days) money back guarantee to ensure you that the ordered Magento extensions really fits your needs and configuration.

Free e-mail support and updates! We aim to answer all support requests within 24 hours (weekdays, CET+1).

Licensed for a single installation including Multistore setups!

Open source code, no PHP Decoder needed!

Versions History

Version : 15.68.1

There are no release notes for this version.

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