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Xtension Galaxy

Get Involved

Xtension Galaxy is a passion project from Rocket Web. We have been with Magento since the early days, both developing sites and tools to help merchants and our fellow developers.

Magento can do just about anything, and at a fraction of what the competition costs. We have learned, as many of you have, that with the great flexibility of Magento comes great responsibility.

The small team at Rocket Web that is focused on Xtension Galaxy should not do this alone. The open source platform of Magento plus the collective wisdom of the Magento community can change commerce.

How you can help:

  • As a developer who embraces Magento architectural standards - Join us as a Listing Member to showcase your solutions. We know that Magento cannot succeed without the strong community of developers expanding its reach.
  • As a store owner or developer looking to purchase solutions - Try out our tools for testing extensions before you buy them. Honestly review solutions you test, to help others make decisions and help those who developed the solution grow.
  • As a writer, developer, marketer, executive, anyone who deeply understands parts of Magento - Partner with us. Rocket Web has invested all its time and energy for over 5 years into Magento solutions. We want to see the ecosystem thrive for many more years to come. We feel the best way to insure the longevity of Magento is if those who love it have a stronger influence in its future.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.