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Xtension Galaxy

Google Analytics + by Fooman

Additional features for the default Google Analytics module.

About Developer

Fooman develops quality, trusted Magento extensions that help you and your clients run a more efficient and profitable Magento business. Our free and paid extensions add genuinely useful and flexible ecommerce functionality that helps to unlock the most out of what Magento has to offer.

We are a proud Silver Magento Technology Partner and have been developing extensions since the first Magento version was released. Fooman is based in New Zealand and has a fast growing customer base of Magento agencies, developers and merchants in more than 70 countries.

Google Analytics + by Fooman

Advanced analytics and features for your Google Universal Analytics Account

Go beyond the standard features and gain a deeper insight into your store performance. p>

The extension adds a dozen new options to Google Analytics, including conversion tracking, the ability to filter reports by customers, and enable first touch tracking for advanced marketing insight. p>

Understand conversions with a checkout sales funnel

Create a sales funnel to understand where potential customers are 'dropping off' during the checkout process, to improve your store and boost conversions. p>

Track every step of the checkout process, including sections retrieved via AJAX during one-page-checkout. p>

Track Google Adwords conversions

Track conversion rates and money earned for purchases made on your store via Google Adwords. p>

Advanced options allow you to track in a variety of languages and currencies. p>

Compare and analyse Magento multi store performance

Easily combine Magento multi stores (subdomains) into a single Google Analytics account, for simplified comparison and analysis. p>


Provides additional features and advanced analytics for the default Google Analytics module:

• Supports Google Universal Analytics (Classic Analytics are no longer supported)
• Generate more sales through improved conversions! Create a comprehensive sales funnel by tracking every step of the checkout process (including sections retrieved via AJAX during one-page-checkout) - pinpoint precisely where potential customers are 'dropping off' during the checkout process
• Optionally track to a secondary profile
• Optionally enter a domain name - useful if you want to combine multiple sites in a single analytics account
• Filter your reports by customers
• Track Adwords conversions for purchases
• Categorise items on transactions
• Dynamic Remarketing Tags

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Versions History

Version : 1.2.8

There are no release notes for this version.

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