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Xtension Galaxy

Hide Catalog Prices

Allows to hide prices and disable product purchases for not logged in users on your store

Hide Catalog Prices

This extension allows to hide prices for not logged in users and disable the add to cart button. You can enable this functionality again by specifying custom customer groups on the backend who the prices would be displayed for

Installation instructions

  1. Install the extension using Magento Connect Manager
  2. Enable the extension
    a) Go to System » Configuration » Hide prices (under the catalog tab)
    b) Under Enable select yes. Prices won't be displayed to not registered users and purchase button won't be available. 10. Select customer groups for who prices will be displayed
    a) Under the extension configuration form, pick the customer groups. You can select multiple values at once by using the CTRL key in Windows or Command Key in Mac OS X. Reach support at Intercastilla.

Versions History

Version : 0.2.0

Initial release

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