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Xtension Galaxy

Import + Export Bulk Customer Reviews (CSV/XML)

This extension allows you to import and export your customer reviews and related data.

About Developer

Commerce Extensions is a leading vendor of top-notch Magento extensions and development services. Commerce Extensions offers several extensions built specifically for Import and Export related tasks as well other functionality geared to enhance your eCommerce business.

Import + Export Bulk Customer Reviews (CSV/XML)

This module allows you to import and export your customer review data such as review title / review description / if review is approved or not and you can import any type of review (product/customer/category). See Screenshot of example import_bulk_customer_reviews.csv for a more details. This extension will import/export data in CSV format or Excel Workbook Sheet (standard XLS).

Extension Features:

  • Import/Export all customer reviews

  • Supports Multi-store environments

  • Approve / Disapprove reviews and assign reviews to customers or import as guests

  • Comes with a User Manual / Install Instructions

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Versions History

Version : 1.0

There are no release notes for this version.

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