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JIRA Feedback by Praxigento

Allows your customers to create issues in your JIRA bug tracker right from Magento storefront or admin panel.

JIRA Feedback by Praxigento

     Allowing your customers/testers to create issues in your JIRA issue/bug tracker right from their Magento storefront or admin panel will save your customers and you as a developer a lot of valuable time.
     This extension when installed, activated and set up places special button on every Magento storefront and/or  Admin panel page. Clicking on this button brings up JIRA “Create Issue” form for your customer/tester to fill out.
     Buttons for storefront and admin can be configured, customized and activated separately. For example if you want the button to be accessible from admin panel but not from storefront pages you can do so easily.
     In order for this extension to work you will need your JIRA issue/bug tracker to be up and running of course.

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Versions History

Version : 1.0.1
  • store view related configuration is added;

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