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Jssor Layered Slider

Fully responsive Jssor Slider built on jassor.js. 40+ Effects. Seamless banner management from Back-end.

About Developer

This is a free extension, possibly by a developer that is unknown to Xtension Galaxy. We are providing this to the community as a free service. We have enabled this extension because the code is excellent, it solves a good problem, or hopefully both!

Since this is free, do not expect support. Be sure to try this first in a clean Magento demo within the marketplace. If it works there, then it should work in your site if your site was built according to standards. Also please note, any extension that edits the frontend of your website will likely need a developer to make minor tweaks to the frontend theme for it to show up or show up properly. This is normal and a minor tradeoff given the vast flexibility of Magento.

Jssor Layered Slider

An exclusive layered slider built on Jssor JS that livens up your dull image banners, making them impressive and impactful. Give your image banners a radiant look with more than 40 effects, 5 caption and 2 caption image positions. And, yes it's fully responsive.

All it takes is 3 easy steps to have this on your website:

  1. Install the extension from Magento Connect
  2. Upload image banners, select effects you want
  3. Add the Code Snippet where you want the banner to be invoked

Read How to use? section to find out more about the slider configurations

Demo Link:

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  1. Simple, easy to use interface
  2. Creates Responsive slideshows within seconds
  3. Unrestricted support for Image slides (supports Caption, Link, Description Text, Images, Videos, Maps)
  4. Full Width Slider Support
  5. Fast – only the minimum JavaScript and CSS is included in your page, making it faster to load
  6. Touch Swipe by Finger/Mouse
  7. Auto-detect Vertical/Horizontal Drag
  8. Cross Browser, All Browsers Supported
  9. Mobile Device Optimized
  10. Editable CSS from Magento Back-end.
  11. Place your custom HTML code inside your image slide
  12. Publish/Unpublish Slides based on selected date

How to use?

  1. Install Extension from Magento Connect
  2. Configure Slider Settings Go To System >> Configuration >> Vsourz Layer Slider >> Layer Slider
  3. Add New Banner from Top menu. Go To Layer Slider >> Manage Slides >> Add Slide
  4. Call the Slider in the Magento Front-end code using below shortcodes


Magento Back-end: {{block type="layerslider/layerslider" name="layerslider" template="layerslider/layerslider.phtml"}}

XML: < block type="layerslider/layerslider" name="layerslider" template="layerslider/layerslider.phtml"/ >

PHTML: echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('layerslider/layerslider')->setTemplate('layerslider/layerslider.phtml')->toHtml();

Jssor slider Link:

Versions History

Version : 1.0.2

>> Fixed URL path issue

Version : 1.0.1

Image Delete bug resolved and fixed

Version : 1.0.0

Launching fully responsive Jssor Slider built on jassor.js. 40+ Effects. Seamless banner management from Back-end.

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This extension is not supported through Xtension Galaxy by a developer.

If you are the developer who authored or maintains this extension, please register a Listing Member account to participate and optionally, sell extensions in this marketplace.

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