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Login Check

Checking for user login, if none, redirects to login page. CMS Pages and actions of your choice. rwd enabled.

Login Check

Login Check extension(Now magento 1.9.x rwd enabled) stops not registered users from seeing your shops content. You can allow unregistered users to see CMS Pages of your choice(eg. contacts). And you can allow or disallow new users to register and disable the 'Forgott Your Password?' link.

Login Check Read Me

Check out Login Check PRO if you want to allow some modules to bypass the login check, forward to specific URL after login or else.

Versions History

Version : 1.0.5
  • magento 1.9.x compatible
  • rwd enabled
  • observing customer_registration_is_allowed for rwd
Version : 1.0.4

resetpassword action is working now.

Installation Instructions: Extension Readme:

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