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Xtension Galaxy

Login with Amazon

Extension to allow Customers to Login with their Amazon Account. (see:

About Developer

This is a free extension, possibly by a developer that is unknown to Xtension Galaxy. We are providing this to the community as a free service. We have enabled this extension because the code is excellent, it solves a good problem, or hopefully both!

Since this is free, do not expect support. Be sure to try this first in a clean Magento demo within the marketplace. If it works there, then it should work in your site if your site was built according to standards. Also please note, any extension that edits the frontend of your website will likely need a developer to make minor tweaks to the frontend theme for it to show up or show up properly. This is normal and a minor tradeoff given the vast flexibility of Magento.

Login with Amazon

Allows your customers to Login with Amazon Account as described on Increase your conversions and take profit of the trust of Amazon.

Register your Website as Application (see and enter client-id and secret in the "Amazon Login"-Tab in configuration.

Sadly Amazon changed it's guidelines to only allow inclusion on https-pages. So this extension will only work, if you use SSL on your site.

For BugTracker and technical Support please visit the GitHub-Page on

Versions History

Version : 0.1.0

Please visit GitHub Page under for BugTracker and technical Support.

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