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Xtension Galaxy

Magento 2 Bulk Categories Import / Export

This Magento 2 extension allows you to import and export your categories and sub categories and related category data.

About Developer

Commerce Extensions is a leading vendor of top-notch Magento extensions and development services. Commerce Extensions offers several extensions built specifically for Import and Export related tasks as well other functionality geared to enhance your eCommerce business.

Magento 2 Bulk Categories Import / Export

This extension for magento 2 allows you to import and export your categories and sub categories and all related category data such as Meta Data or Category description and Category image. This extensions makes it fast and easy to add categories. For example you could use this extension to transfer existing categories from either a Magento 1 installation or a 3rd party data source and import them directly into your new Magento 2 installation. All documentation for install and user instructions as well as sample csv's and notes are included. Feel free to email me directly at with any questions

Extension Features:

  • Import/Export all category and related data (name , position , description , url_key , is Active , Display Mode , Page Layout , CMS Block , is Anchor , Meta Title , Meta Keywords , Meta Description , Category Image , Include In Menu , and cusom layout and design settings)

  • Import/Export category images and thumbnail images locally from server or by HTTP URL

  • Import/Export category product positions

  • Import/Export product skus related to categories

  • Import/Export categories and set categoryIDs

  • Comes with a User Manual / Install Instructions

Extension Documentation

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Versions History

Version : 1.0.1

There are no release notes for this version.

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