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Magento 2 Import + Export Bulk Orders Invoices Shipments

Magento 2 orders import/export extension, using this extension you can import/export all order data.

About Developer

Commerce Extensions is a leading vendor of top-notch Magento extensions and development services. Commerce Extensions offers several extensions built specifically for Import and Export related tasks as well other functionality geared to enhance your eCommerce business.

Magento 2 Import + Export Bulk Orders Invoices Shipments

This Orders import / export extension for Magento 2 can import/export all order data and related customer data. It will import/export all order data as well as related customer data (billing/shipping address), email address, and this works for registered customers or people who checked out as guest. If the customer that already exists in the DB it assigns the order to it or it will create a new one and automatically generate a password and email it to that customer.

Sample csv's are provided as well as a detailed PDF with install instructions and setup configuration. It optionally can export historical product pricing for products ordered as well as historical tax data. The extension can accept custom order numbers and will work with any custom order number extension or you can leave blank for auto increment.

This is a ideal extension for doing data transfers from one magento install to another magento install. Espically between magento 1 and magento 2 installs.

Extension Features: import/export orders for any type (simple/simple with custom options/configurable/grouped/bundle/downloadable/virtual) import orders with or without all required customer address fields import orders with any shipping method even if it its not enabled and/or doesn't exist in store at the time of import import orders with any payment methods even if it its not enabled and/or doesn't exist in store at the time of import Can Create Invoices and Shipments at time of import Can work with any Order status or custom order statuses Can work with any 3rd party custom order number extension Can optionally export historical product prices and historical tax data Supports Multi-Lanugage and all currencies Great for Exporting Orders from Older Magento Installs and Importing Exact Same orders On New install ** please email with any questions to

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Version : 1.0.6

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