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Masonry Responsive Image Gallery

Category-wise, responsive image gallery using masonry.js Back-end configured, manage unlimited Image Galleries

About Developer

This is a free extension, possibly by a developer that is unknown to Xtension Galaxy. We are providing this to the community as a free service. We have enabled this extension because the code is excellent, it solves a good problem, or hopefully both!

Since this is free, do not expect support. Be sure to try this first in a clean Magento demo within the marketplace. If it works there, then it should work in your site if your site was built according to standards. Also please note, any extension that edits the frontend of your website will likely need a developer to make minor tweaks to the frontend theme for it to show up or show up properly. This is normal and a minor tradeoff given the vast flexibility of Magento.

Masonry Responsive Image Gallery

Create an exquisite Image gallery with Masonry effect, Magnific pop-up and Responsive layout. Our extension allows you to create multiple image galleries with a facility to display your gallery wherever you want on your website.

Simple 10 minute setup, and your image gallery is ready to wow your customers. Follow these steps to have it setup instantly:

  1. Download the extension from Magento Connect
  2. Create a Category, enter Category Description and Category Image
  3. Add more Images under Category
  4. Add the Code Snippet given below to invoke this beautiful Image Gallery

You can learn more about Adding Category and Images from How to add categories and Images? section.

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Demo Link:


  1. Unlimited Image gallery creation
  2. Ability to show category banner and description along with Image gallery
  3. Magnific Pop-up
  4. Masonry Effect
  5. Iterative hover effect
  6. Facility to add Image title and Description
  7. Image Sorting
  8. Smooth Pop Up navigation
  9. Responsive Layout

How to add categories and Images?

** Manage CategoriesGo To Image Gallery >> Manage Categories >> Add Category

  1. Category Title
  2. Category Image
  3. Category Description

** Manage ImagesImage Gallery >> Manage Images >> Add Image

  1. Image Title
  2. Gallery Image
  3. Image Category
  4. Image Description
  5. Status [Enable/Disable]

** Shortcodes

ADMIN: {{block type="imagegallery/imagegallery" name="imagegallery" category_id="1" template="imagegallery/imagegallery.phtml" }}

XML: < reference name="content"> < block type="imagegallery/imagegallery" name="imagegallery" template="imagegallery/imagegallery.phtml"> < action method="setCategoryId">< category_id>1< /category_id>< /action> < /block> < /reference>

PHTML: echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('imagegallery/imagegallery')->setCategoryId('1')->setTemplate('imagegallery/imagegallery.phtml')->toHtml();

Please Note: Masonry Image Gallery uses Masonry and Magnific popup JS.

Magnific Pop-Up:


Versions History

Version : 1.0.6

>> Resolved User Permission Issues

Version : 1.0.5

>> Resolved directory separator bug >> Removed link from the image title >> Did modification in jQuery to display categorized image in product gallery >> Refined CSS

Version : 1.0.3

>> Added Sorting option for images. >> Resolved minor CSS bugs >> Setup Data Script for creating default category

Version : 1.0.2

Resolved Frontend Image URL issue for Multiple store website

Version : 1.0.0

There are no release notes for this version.

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