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pickPack, Magento PDF Invoice – Moogento

Make your PDFs beautiful & functional. Create useful picklists to vastly speed up order processing.

About Developer

Moogento was formed out of actual necessity - after a business partner left, we were running about trying to process orders and needed to sharpen up the way we were dealing with orders. We didn't have enough money for more staff, and not enough time in the day for us to do what needed doing!

The result - extensions which really help to optimise the *reality* of processing an order from a customer. How to see what has been bought, with useful metrics, and how to deal with those in a smart, fast, *quality* way.

pickPack, Magento PDF Invoice – Moogento


Make it memorable

pickPack produces beautiful Packing Sheets and Invoices - don't drop the ball with your company's image at the first point of physical contact.

Increase sales

Easily add discount coupons and other call-to-actions. Add review reminders, customisable by store. Generate more trust, more return sales, and more profit, with your great-looking printouts, in their hands.

Reduce support time

Include returns info and forms on the sheets. Option to print Invoice/Packing Sheet from customer account page, and in the admin order overview page.

Accurate packing

Add checkboxes, quantity callouts, product options and photos, shelving/warehouse/shipping info, low-stock notices, gift and filtered admin messages.

Fast processing

Works perfectly with integrated labels and window-envelopes - exactly position addresses. Add Order ID barcodes (integrates with shipEasy barcode scanning function), and product barcodes.


Happy warehouses

Processing orders with Magento - you know it's a hassle to pick products off the warehouse shelves, and organize them for packing. Revolutionise this with Order-combined and Order-separated Picklists. Show a list of all items from every selected order, as PDFs or CSVs, with customisable attributes and sorting. Show shipping method to help prioritise expedited orders.

Fast & accurate packing

Show the info you need, in the right place, and eliminate packing mistakes. Barcodes, images, shelving, custom attributes.

Multi-location aware

Combined with shipEasy, you can automatically show different company & return addresses (per store/website) based on the shipping destination country group.

International shipping manifests

Make cargo manifests, grouped by product category (save money on complex category submissons), box (if combining orders into boxes), and show overall shipment totals. All output as an Excel file.

Quick business info

Generate quick summaries of cost & income for selected groups of orders to keep on top of your business accounting.

Auto-syncs with many other Magento extensions

If you're using other 3rd party code to collect customer comments, gift messages, wrapping paper and gift card messages, checkout messages, etc - we've probably already integrated it.

Here's a list of the current integrations:

  • Moogento ShipEasy - if you have shipEasy installed, then you can set it to auto-set the custom flag columns (eg. assign a 'printed' tag), and set it to only print each order once, change order status on print, etc.
  • Moogento Trolleybox - if you have this installed then you can assign orders to trolleys. This speeds up and optimises warehouse picking where you pick mutiple orders per picker.
  • Moogento autoCN22 - Add CN22 (customs) labels automatically to your shipments. The integration with pickPack allows you to add these to your Packing Sheets & Invoices, as well as separate labels. Save that hassle, mistakes, and time with this easy add-on. Presets for UK, German, US, Dutch, Thai forms, and options for text-based and custom-labels.
  • M2ePro - the popular free way to integrate Magento with eBay and Amazon, we work with this and you can show relevant items in your PDFs (eg. remote order id, remote customer comments).
  • Sending emails with attached pickPack PDFs is integrated with these: - Ebizmarts Mandrill
  • Aschroder SMTPPro
  • Aschroder Email
  • AW CustomSmtp
  • Aitoc Aitemails
  • Show giftwrap choices and gift messages: - Magestore Giftwrap
  • Xmage GiftWrap
  • Webtex GiftRegistry
  • Show checkout page comments: - Idev OneStepCheckout
  • Brainvire OrderComment
  • Aitoc Aitcheckoutfields
  • Spletnisistemi OrderComment
  • MageMods OrderComment
  • MW Onestepcheckout
  • We also integrate seamlessly with these: - AW Sarp
  • Amasty_Orderattr
  • Amasty_Deliverydate
  • Innoexts Warehouse
  • MageWorx_MultiFees
  • MageWorx_CustomerCredit
  • Temando Temando


  • Installation is simple, copy and paste the contents of the App folder over the top of your current installation, after the usual backups. Once you clear the cache you should see the 4 new options in the Actions menu.
  • This version works with 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 & 1.9
  • Upgrades & Support included for 90 days.
  • The licence is for one copy per Magento installation.

Moogento Support & Return Policy


Versions History

Version : 3.4.43

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 3.4.37

There are no release notes for this version.

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