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Moogento shipEasy

Save hours every day - ship multiple orders from the Orders overview page.

About Developer

Moogento was formed out of actual necessity - after a business partner left, we were running about trying to process orders and needed to sharpen up the way we were dealing with orders. We didn't have enough money for more staff, and not enough time in the day for us to do what needed doing!

The result - extensions which really help to optimise the *reality* of processing an order from a customer. How to see what has been bought, with useful metrics, and how to deal with those in a smart, fast, *quality* way.

Moogento shipEasy

This will save you hours every day!

Seriously after a day of using shipEasy you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Direct from the Sales > Orders page:

  • Process multiple shipments, including adding tracking numbers, or upload a CSV of the order numbers and tracking numbers. Now with barcode-scanned Order IDs!
  • Tracking numbers are automatically parsed based on custom filter for the Shipping Company. Now with ajax-entered tracking, edits, and multiple tracking-per-shipment!
  • Cancel any order
  • Set the status of any order to any status
  • Send customer a message or email in 1-click, with pre-filled values (eg. Order number, customer name, ordered SKU/Product Name)
  • Remove and re-position any column. Now with Drag'n'Drop editing, and simple toggles for turning on/off!
  • Optimised to show more orders without scrolling. Now with even better formatting to show only the info you need to see!
  • Color-specific rows based on order status : easily focus on the orders you need to see. All colors are editable with a simple-to-use color picker.
  • Country-flag column option (filterable) : if you ship internationally this is invaluable. Now with optional country-codes instead of flags.
  • Country-grouping option (filterable) : if you ship to areas (eg. Europe, North America) this will narrow down those orders. You need courierRules for this, so can now easily create multiple groups to suit.
  • Total weight and order number for specific statuses : if you need a minimum weight to ship, this just made your day
  • Show SKUs in each order - with an option to be color-coded based on the stock level. Now also show single/multiple filter column - ship simple orders first.
  • Show product names in each order
    • New: eBay Customer ID/email column - easily find orders for great customer service.
    • New: eBay/Amazon Order ID column.
    • New: click-to-edit addreses, staff training = 0!
    • New: Ordered Qty column, filterable.
    • New: 1-click Order Flags - Up to 3 custom columns, with custom icons!
    • New: Connects with pickPack, easily show which orders have been printed.

No more confusing staff training sessions - what's easier than "To edit it, click it"!

No more clicking into each order to see what was ordered.

No more clicking into each order to find the contact email or send a message.

No more clicking into each order to ship or invoice.

No more frustration with being unable to change the status to any other status.

No more hours wasted every day!

I developed this over the last 6 years (with our small team of 4 working almost exclusively on this and pickPack) to meet an actual need in my own physical product store - this has saved hours off every day. It's actually saved so much time that I didn't need as many staff as before - saving the cost of this extension in a few hours, every single day!

This makes your entire process run logically, simply, and smoothly.


Installation is simple, copy and paste the contents over the top of your current installation, after the usual backups. Once you clear the cache you should see new options in the Actions menu and a shiny new look to your orders page.

This version works with, 1.5+, 1.6+, 1.7+, 1.8+ & 1.9+, EE19x - EE 1.14.x Upgrades for 90 days free of charge. The licence is for one copy per Magento installation.

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Versions History

Version : 4.0.3

There are no release notes for this version.

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