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Multi-Language Optimization (hreflang) | Language Sitemap

The Multi-Language Sitemap module automatically generates a multi-language sitemap supported by Google.

Multi-Language Optimization (hreflang) | Language Sitemap

Multi-Language Optimization (hreflang) | This extension will allow for you to Search Engine optimize your Magento store for multiple languages. This extension give you the ability to create a “language sitemap” which you can submit in Google Webmaster tools. This language sitemap tells Google which version page to display in the counties you specify. For example, you can indicate that you want to rank for US visitors or to rank in France. ## How do you set it up?

Once the module is installed setting up your first sitemap is really simple.

1) Make sure that the module is turned on by going to System > Configuration > Google Sitemap > Language Settings and make sure the dropdown “Enable this actions” is selected to yes.

2) Navigate to Catalog > Google Sitemap Store Languages. This where you will specify the country code for each one of your store views. To find the proper country code for your store views you can use this hreflang tag generator. Click “add new” and then select store view and type the county code for it, then press save.

3) Navigate to Catalog > Google sitemap. Here is where you will generate your language sitemap.

New features in Upcoming Release

We plan to update this module with a couple new fixes including: - ability to include CMS pages

  • remove links from sitemap if category or product is disabled
  • Add nested category URLs between store views

    This module was created by Elie Orgel and Mai Erne. Please email if you have any questions, comments or feedback.

Versions History

Version : 2.0.1

Multi-Language Optimization (hreflang) Module.

This version properly configured automatically generates a multi-language sitemap supported by Google.

New features include:

  • ability to include CMS pages
  • exclusion of disabled products and categories
Version : 1.0.3

First stable and public release of the Multi-Language Optimization (hreflang) Language Sitemap Magento module

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