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Xtension Galaxy

Nucleus Commerce

Nucleus Commerce

Use Nucleus Commerce to get a head start with Magento

Nucleus unites exclusive functionality, a custom theme, and world-class support with some of the best extensions and service providers in the Magento community.

Xtension Galaxy is the only place you can create your own, personalized Nucleus sandbox using the latest version of Magento. When you want to test an extension, just click Install in New Demo Store and choose Nucleus as your demo store.

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About Nucleus Commerce

Nucleus Commerce provides a cutting-edge approach to Magento site builds by uniting a curated set of extensions and exclusive functionality with world-class support and a carefully selected team of partners. Tools and extensions considered essential for merchant success, both custom and from our respected partners, have been pre-integrated and fully tested with Magento for ease of implementation, reduced deployment cost, and faster time-to-market. Nucleus Commerce is a commercially licensed solution that layers on top of Magento Community 1.9.1 and Enterprise 1.14.1 and later, complementing the flexibility and customization possible with Magento.

Benefits of Nucleus Commerce

  • Connects merchants with the most important services and software in the ecosystem
  • Saves time for solution providers and merchants in searching for and purchasing services and software
  • Pre-integration and testing of valuable extensions eliminates potential conflicts among software products
  • Dramatically increases efficiency of site launch, reducing costs and time-to-market
  • Improved site admin and easy access to support lowers costs of site management

One package - so many features!

Here's a sample:

  • Custom responsive theme
  • Powerful Nucleus Elements pattern library, enabling faster builds of custom Magento pages
  • Intelligent, self-learning search from Klevu
  • Flexible product-in-action/shop-the-look presentation
  • Elegant AJAX product comparison and add-to-cart
  • Custom category and subcategory listings and layouts
  • Content Slideshow and Product Carousel widget
  • Email automation and intelligence
  • Advanced user segmentation with unlimited rules
  • Creation of rules to automate related products
  • Flexible Nucleus support accessible via live chat or ticket submission in-admin
  • Fast checkout via login and Pay with Amazon
  • Fully automated shipping calculations from ShipperHQ
  • Kount fraud protection
  • AvaTax integration from Avalara
  • Advanced customer reviews functionality and social Q&A from Aheadworks
  • Many more UI and UX enhancements that produce higher customer satisfaction, conversion rate, and average order value

Let’s discuss how Nucleus can help you get more from your Magento site

For more information please visit Nucleus Commerce

Follow Nucleus Commerce on Twitter @nucleuscommerce

A Look at a Few of the Nucleus Features

Nucleus Elements Makes Site Design Easy

Nucleus Elements provides lots of layout orientations with responsive design and options for banners. Anywhere you can put a site block you can use Nucleus elements to create a customized, branded site.

Nucleus elements makes site design easy

Tools for Improved User Interaction

Delighting customers is in the details. Nucleus has eliminated cumbersome drop downs and instead, uses touch/click navigation. This is much better for mobile.

Apply product badges for better merchandising - Sale, New, Featured, and Favorite These are simple to add and are persistent across product pages.

Tools for improved user interaction

Smart, Self-learning Site Search

Search that learns, generates sales!

Smart, self-learning site search

Product Comparisons

Nucleus Commerce replaces the default comparison functionality in Magento with an AJAX-based compare system. Adding new products to a comparison list no longer requires reloading the page, and the products being compared are added to the top of the current category page in real-time.
Product comparisons


We added a new add-to-cart function that keeps the customer in their shopping experience until they are ready to check out; includes pop-up mini cart that closes automatically after a few seconds. This will help improve AOV and makes the shopping experience more seamless.