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OroCRM Tracking

OroCRM Tracking helps you better understand your customers by tracking user behavior at your Magento Store.

OroCRM Tracking

OroCRM is the Open Source CRM for commerce. Its tracking engine allows you to collect user behavior data from websites, and its built-in reporting and segmentation tools provide the variety of ways to utilize the data in order to better understand your customers and improve marketing and sales performance.

This extension adds the pre-configured tracking script to your Magento Store. This script allows out-of-the-box collection of the following data:

  • Page views
  • Registration of new users
  • Items being added to cart
  • Start of order checkout
  • Successful order placement

All these events will be recorded in OroCRM with connection to customer identity, except for guest customers.

Versions History

Version : 0.1.3
  • added additional events tracking
Version : 0.1.2

OroCRM Tracking Release Stable version

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