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Payment and Shipping Method Filtering

Payment and Shipping Method Filtering

Payment and shipping method filter extension allows you to filter payment methods and shipping methods on checkout page by your predefined conditions

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We are eCommerce development team with a strong focus on providing solutions for eCommerce businesses.


- We can develop Magento extensions.

- We can optimize and scale your Magento store to increase its performance

- We can build business report and data analytic system to help you make a decision for your business.


Payment and Shipping Method Filtering

Payment and shipping method Filter extension helps you to hide specific payment methods or shipping methods on the checkout page according to your predefined conditions.

Suppose you want to not let customers choose some shipping methods when they buy some special products which a shipping carrier does not support any service for or you want to hide some payments for a specific shipping method because it does not support Cash on Delivery payment way, etc ... this extension is the right choice for you.

The extension provides a tool to define flexible conditions as:

  • Filtering by product attributes
  • Filtering by customer and customer group
  • Filtering by shopping cart attributes as cart totals, payment methods, shipping methods, address attributes

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To ensure your protection we offer a 30-day money back guarantee for ALL our software products. If you are dissatisfied with your product during 30 days after the purchase for any reason, you can receive a full refund. To request a refund please submit a request containing your Transaction ID. Please note, we do not provide money backs on installation and customization services as well as do not refund points.

Versions History

Version : 1.1.1

There are no release notes for this version.

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