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Xtension Galaxy

Product Datafeed

This extension allows you to import and export your 3rd party supplier feeds.

About Developer

Commerce Extensions is a leading vendor of top-notch Magento extensions and development services. Commerce Extensions offers several extensions built specifically for Import and Export related tasks as well other functionality geared to enhance your eCommerce business.

Product Datafeed

CommerceExtensions ProductFeed is a very robust utility that provides the
ability to import large-scale product datafeeds for the purpose of creating
or updating products on the Magento e-commerce platform.

Based upon our experience with other available datafeed modules, this
software was created with several important principles in mind:

    To allow import of enormous feeds without running out of RAM

    To allow import of enormous feeds without "timing out"

    To allow safe and reliable product import to the catalog

    To allow repetitive running of the feed without any additional setup

    To be user friendly and easy to setup

Key Features

    Extremely user friendly

    Feeds can consist of multiple data files

    Feeds can use composite identifier (e.g. manufacturer+sku)

    Feeds will not "timeout"

    Feeds will not run out of RAM memory

    Set maximum amount of memory a feed can use

    Add columns to main product grid to easily see which feed created or most
    recently updated any product

    "Autocomplete" file field names in order to ensure accuracy and ease of

    Exclude rows from the feed based on conditions or a combination of

    Pre-compile feed files in order to see what Magento sees prior to running
    a feed

    Can automatically delete products that are no longer present in the feed

    Progressbar shows feed progress as it runs

    Ability to "kill" a feed while running, if necessary

    Ability to duplicate feeds for quick and easy creation of similar feeds

     Ability to automatically delete products that are no longer present in the feed

    Each section in the feed pages contain instructional blocks for easy

Feed File Import Sources:



    Local Server

Accepted File Types:

    Comma-separated values (CSV)

    Tab-separated values (TXT)


    Zip(must contain one of the file types above)

Image Import Sources:



    Local Server


Special Settings:

    Test Mode:
    If enabled, only the first 10 products will be imported

    Process Mode:

            Create & Update

            Create only

            Update only

    Choose to re-index the catalog after feed finishes

    Use Default Values:

            Never use default values

            Always use default values

            Use default values on create only

            Use default values on update only

Attribute/Field Map

    Map any attribute

    Map any inventory field

    Map Related products

    Map Up-sell products

    Map Cross-sell products

    Map Grouped products with their child Simple products

    Map child Simple products to their parent Grouped products

    Feed fields can contain multiple values separated by a delimiter

Feed can use any* attribute to lookup a product and determine if it is an
existing product that needs to be updated or a new product that needs to be
created. For example, match a product using the UPC instead of the SKU

* The "lookup attribute" must meet three conditions: Unique, Global, and

Attribute values can be either the numeric attribute option ID or the
actual attribute option label

Image Map

    Map unlimited images

    Map image attributes (e.g. Base Image, Small Image, Thumbnail)

    Map image exclude

    Resize images at time of import, if desired

    Reduce quality of images at time of import, if desired

Images can be in separate file fields or contained in a single field
separated by a delimiter

Images can be imported individually from remote server as feed runs

    Images can be imported in Zip bundle(s) and extracted as feed runs

Category Map

    Map any feed value to any category

    Bulk import category map for easy creation of many category maps

    "Autocomplete" feed values for easy creation of category maps

Default Values

    Set Default Websites

    Set Default Categories

    Set Default Attribute Values

    Set Default Inventory Values

Extension Documentation

Commerce Extensions Support & Return Policy


Versions History

Version : 1.3.1

Latest Release

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