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Xtension Galaxy

Magento Dynamic Category Products

Automate adding products to categories.
Free up valuable time, and prevent error.

Add products to categories using rules.

About Developer

ProxiBlue is a provider of quality Magento extensions and custom development services, for select clients. ProxiBlue produces quality, not quantity!


Magento Dynamic Category Products

Stop wasting your valuable time

Dynamic Category Products allows you to define rules which associate products with categories.

Free up valuable time and resources,, automate the way products are assigned to categories, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Decrease the time spent to import new products. Let Dynamic Category Product rules assign the new products to their categories. Free up developer time, eliminating the need to code complicated product to category assignment functionality in your importers

Create unique product categories, using various rule combinations. Use unlimited rule combinations. Join rules using OR / AND combinations, there is even a SUB RULE join!

Always accurate, always up-to-date

Be confident that all products are assigned to their categories - you can even generate a list of products not assigned to any category. Find that lost revenue due to misplaced or unassigned products!

Categories are kept up-to-date, using various cron schedules.

Some rule types:

  • Mix and match any product attributes and tags
  • Lowest / Highest selling products (x days back)
  • Parent rules, used by all child categories
  • Dynamic dates and variables can be used
  • Deals with all product types
  • Email notifications
  • Change any Category Attribute (enable/disable etc)
  • Use regular expressions in product matching
  • Discounted product rules (Includes Category Price Rules)
  • Most / Least viewed products (x days back)
  • Deals with date attributes perfectly.
  • Use custom date attributes in rules

and much much more....
Specifically coded with memory and performance in mind. Known to work past 800 000 products with no performance loss!

Super compatible

Does not create a new category system, and has NO REWRITES! All core magento category functionality remains intact.

There is no front-end code. Will work 100% with any front-end enhanced category display / filtering extensions

What some people say:

Dynamic Category Products has saved me 1000s of hours of manual labour. I mange a site with over 50,000 products and the thought of creating and maintaining categories was frightening. I am so thankful that I discovered this plugin which automated a very tedious process. psychosash

I purchased ProxiBlue automatic category plugin. It is far more advanced and feature rich than other plugins I researched tal123

I use this extension in combination with M2e pro's automatic listing actions for categories - and it's completely changed our whole eBay management workflow... I could not be happier! It's extremely well thought out, allowing an amazing, seemingly limitless andrewcatz

ProxiBlue Support & Return Policy

Full refunds within 30 days after purchase was made. No questions asked.

Please log any support requests using

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Versions History

Version : 4.28.2

The extensions cron based schedule rebuild has had a major overhaul, and is now 80% faster in rebuilding the categories.

Version : 4.28.1

There are some known issues with EE Visual Merchandiser and keeping manually assigned products mixed with rules based products.

Version : 4.28.1

There are some known issues with EE Visual Merchandiser and keeping manually assigned products mixed with rules based products.

Version : 4.10.1

There are no release notes for this version.

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