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ProxiBlue Free Gift Promotions

Turn any existing Simple, Configurable, Bundle or Downloadable product type into a promotional product.

About Developer

ProxiBlue is a provider of quality Magento extensions and custom development services, for select clients. ProxiBlue produces quality, not quantity!


ProxiBlue Free Gift Promotions

Reward your customers with Promotional Items using this Promotional Gift extension.

Using this Magento Free Gift Promotions Extension, you can turn any existing simple, bundle, configurable or downloadable product into a gifted product. The gifted product can be set to any price, from free, to full price, or any price in between.

Best of all, there is no need to create a whole new product (or SKU) to enable gifting. Any existing product will be transposed to become a gifting/promotional item, using the same SKU as the full priced item. You can, of course still create separated promotional items in your catalog, and promote those as well!

Gifting can be configured using rules, which work very much like the built in Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules.

Since the gifted items are important to your customers, and to help increase your sales, there are many notifications built into the module, to inform the customer that gifting is available. These notifications range from letting a customer know that a purchased product has gifts available, to even letting a customer know that a product they are viewing is also available as a gift when they purchase another product.

The gifts can be added directly to cart, or set as a selectable list in the shopping cart, or can also be selected in checkout during order review.

You can display ICONS on the Product List Pages to those products that have gifting available.The icons can be custom per product, or a generic system wide icon can be used. If the customer hovers over the icon, a list of available gifts will be displayed.

Some rule examples (but is not limited to)

  1. Buy X get Y free
  2. Buy X get X free
  3. Buy X get Y half price
  4. Buy from category X get Y gifted
  5. If cart subtotal greater than $100, get free gift. (gift on cart subtotal)
  6. Gift on product brand (or any product attribute)
  7. Buy 3 of X and get Y free (cart based qty levels)
  8. Registered customers get a gift (works with customer groups)
  9. Customers with X previous checkouts get a gift
  10. Add git to cart if coupon is used
  11. Cheapest of X FREE
  12. Select X of Y available Gifts
  13. Allow gift selection in checkout in order review
  14. Gift Bundles

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ProxiBlue Support & Return Policy

We allow 30 day money back guarantee, if product is not as advertised.

Versions History

Version : 2.38.3

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 2.37.3

There are no release notes for this version.

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