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Remember Me

Adds a "remember me" option to login forms.

Remember Me

Adds a “remember me” option to login forms. Unlike “Persistent Shopping Cart” this leaves customers logged in.

If using a custom theme that modifies the login template please pay attention to “design/frontend/base/default/template/rememberme/” directory. The templates in that directory override the base login forms and so custom changes need to be duplicated there.

This extension works by extending the lifetime of cookies, in all likelihood your server will also need to extend the lifetime of it's sessions. To do this add the following to the site's “.htaccess” file:

php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 2592000

This project is hosted as Remember Me on GitHub, if you wish to report an issue please do so there. Modman users may also enter the command:

modman clone

Versions History

Version : 0.5.2

Fix for an issue when customers did not opt-in to extended cookie and other extensions also set cookies.

Version : 0.5.0

Improved compatibility with all versions and Mage_Captcha and Mage_Persistent modules.

Version : 0.4.0

Two new options have been added in System > Configuration > Customer Configuration > Remember Me.

Version : 0.3.2

Add a "remember me" option to login forms. Overrides default forms with those in "design/frontend/base/default/template/rememberme".

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