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Xtension Galaxy

Shipping Rules

Setup shipping in the same way you setup promotion rules in Magento.

About Developer

Meanbee is a highly accomplished Magento solution partner who has contributed some of its lessons learned in Magento as extensions to help the community. Meanbee is a small team of highly focused developers and innovators that has been around since the early days of Magento.

Shipping Rules

Configuring shipping costs in Magento can be a pain. Do you find yourself stressing over spreadsheets, tables and matrices only to find that you can’t quite do what you want? Suddenly there’s custom development work involved and you see the costs start to rise. Meanbee’s Shipping Rules module for Magento allows you to configure shipping in the same way that you would set up promotion rules. Choose from:

  • Cart Total
  • Cart Weight
  • Cart Item Count
  • Shipping Country
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Postcode/Zip Code
  • Customer Group

    One of the great things we have found using Meanbee Shipping Rules on our own client sites is that setting up shipping costs becomes so much easier once you can use negation, e.g. If a customer is not from the UK, offer them this price.

Extension Documentation

Meanbee Support & Return Policy

Please test this extension in your demo store and ask questions using the "Have a question?" form to the right. No refunds are available after purchase.

Versions History

Version : 2.1.0

There are no release notes for this version.

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