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Snowdog Payall Online Payments Integration

Module integrates online payments into Magento for Ghana using the Payall Payment Gateway add-on.

Snowdog Payall Online Payments Integration


Integrate online payments into Magento for Ghana using the Payall Payment Gateway add-on. Accept VISA, MasterCard, various Mobile Money services and even Cash & Cheque payments through a Payall merchant network*.


Instantly accept customer online payments in Magento eCommerce platform. The Payment Gateway is a central and cost effective solution that assists corporations and merchants in collecting payments for services offered through commercial websites. A customer will be provided with choices of payment type to make payments for goods or services ordered online. Payment information is made available to the partner in real-time and funds are automatically settled into the partner’s designated bank account.


  • Simple payment add-on to commercial website/online stores.
  • Supports major payment types like VISA, MasterCard, eTranzact, Cash, Payall wallet and Mobile Money.
  • Reduces cost of collection & improved monitoring - payment reports available in real time.
  • Error/status messages indicate the reason that a customer’s card has been declined or accepted.

*Currently restricted to Ghana Cedi (GHS) transactions. Payall merchant network operated in Ghana only - more currencies and countries to follow.

Versions History

Version : 1.0.4

Moved to community channel

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