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Xtension Galaxy

Sonassi Fast Search Index

A small solution to fix the impractically slow FullText Catalogue Search indexes in Magento

Sonassi Fast Search Index

Simply install this extension to significantly speed up the time to takes to re-index the Catalog FullText Search and Category/products association indexes.

Operation (FullText)

This extension will not replace the core index rebuild tool, so you can continue to use that if you like. However, if you wish to use the FastSearchIndex tool, simply log in to your Magento admin, then

System > Index Management > Sonassi Catalog Search Index (top right corner)


Operation (Category Products)

This part of the extension only needs to be run once to fix the slow category/products association. Simply log in to your Magento admin, then

System > Index Management > Sonassi Category Products (top right corner)

Please note that this extension is provided for free with no support.

Versions History

Version : 1.2.0

The Sonassi Fast Search Index extension allows you to quickly refresh your catalogfullsearch index if you have a big catalog.

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