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Ultimate Module Creator

Develop custom Magento modules without writing any code. Use a module creator. Use this module creator

Ultimate Module Creator

This module allows you to create custom Magento modules for your own entities. You can create as many entities as you want in one extension, you can establish relations between them, decide to generate only back-end pages or both back-end and frontend pages.

Versions History

Version :

Fix packaging error

Version :


  • Cleaned up the UMC code and the generated code. Now all files (almost) follow the zend coding standards.


  • Support for signed int attributes/fields
  • Generating modman file
  • Support for canonical URL in generated module

Bug fixes

  • Removed calls to deprecated method htmlEscape
  • Fixed wrong helper alias in Yes/No attribute display
  • Fixed wrong display of multiselect attribute on frontend
  • Fixed 2 status fields generated in the setup file
Version :

Bug Fix:

  • Layout file not generated correctly for links with category
Version :

Bug Fix:

  • Many to many relation with categories - controller not created
Version :


  • Support for URL rewrites for entity list pages

Bug Fix:

  • EAV tree entities admin tree not refreshing on save


  • Cleaned a bit the code

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