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Xtension Galaxy

Yireo New Relic

This Magento extension adds New Relic support to Magento

Yireo New Relic

New Relic is a wonderful webbased tool that helps you analyse performance issues. Once the New Relic daemon is installed on your webserver, and once the PHP-extension for New Relic is up and running, your PHP applications come to live within New Relic. But there's more: With this Magento extension, the advanced New Relic features are supported, the URL-routing of Magento is logged in New Relic, and many other tricks are applied. This module is a must when you want to combine Magento and New Relic.

This is not an official New Relic product, and is not endorsed by New Relic.

Versions History

Version : 1.2.3


Version : 1.2.2


Version : 1.2.0


Version : 1.1.0

Stable release

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