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Yireo SystemInfo

Provides system information in the Magento backend

Yireo SystemInfo

This module provides some system information through the backend (System > Tools > System Information), for instance the PHP Information, the PHP-memory available, but also XML-overrides of the Magento core-class (models, helpers, blocks) and listing of third party observable events. This module comes in handy if you only have access to the Magento Admin Panel, but still need vital information about a site. To use the extension, you simply install it and access your Magento system information through the Magento menu System - Tools - System Information.

Information available thanks to this extension:

  • PHP basics
  • Magento system requirements check
  • phpinfo() output
  • XML overrides by third party modules
  • Available events

Versions History

Version : 1.0.9


Version : 1.0.8


Version : 1.0.7

This module displays Magento-related System Information

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