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Yubikey Authentification for Admin Logins

The extension adds a two-factor authentification to magento admin login by netz98 new media GmbH.

Yubikey Authentification for Admin Logins

With a so-called YubiKey, you can increase the safety of your magento admin login by adding a strong two-factor authentification to it. First, the admin is assigned a unique YubiKey, which is able to generate a one-time password. After the assignment, the login is splitted into two login forms. The first is the standard form where you must insert your magento log data. In the second form you have to enter the 44 character long one-time password which is generated by pressing a button on the YubiKey. The one-time password will be validated by an authentification server. Thus, a user can only access the magento backend if username, password and the one-time password match. About the YubiKey ® The YubiKey is a unique USB-key providing a strong two-factor authentication, combining something you know (a PIN or password) with a physical device generating encrypted one time passwords. It protects your online identity from malware and hackers on a high security level. Features: - Superior security - Easy to use - Works on all computers, platforms and browsers with no additional software needed - Battery-free and waterproof The current development version can also be found on GitHub: >>

Versions History

Version : 1.0.2

Called addTab instead of addAfterTab if magento 1.5 is used.

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