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aheadWorks Z-Blocks

The Z-Blocks extension allows you to create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items. Customization options can be found in the admin panel!

About Developer

aheadWorks is a dynamic market leading provider of Magento extensions, Magento templates and themes, and custom development services with a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class solutions for eCommerce businesses.

We have launched numerous powerful extensions to the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform Magento which serve to address gaps and exploit every opportunity in the entire eCommerce process. Whether it is user interface or marketing or operations management, you will find an extension that fulfills your needs.

aheadWorks Z-Blocks

Main Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of content blocks
    Add as many content blocks as you wish and populate each block with independent content items. You can add any HTML, images, widgets, flash, video, plain text, table to each block item.
  • Place blocks in any position on the website
    Choose any block position of 10 predefined for each page or create a custom position that you need via inserting the block widget.
  • Configure the display mode of content items
    Choose the way how content items of each block will be displayed in your store:
  • show all (items are displayed altogether)
  • rotate one-by-one (items are shown one-by-one starting with the first one)
  • show random (items are rotated randomly)
  • show in a slider (items are displayed within a specified interval)(NEW!)
  • Schedule z-block appearing
    Make the precised schedule for your content blocks with an opportunity to choose dates by different criteria (odd days, on Tuesdays, on the 25th of each month, etc.) and define custom intervals - from, to or between specific dates. Combine these options for even more flexibility.
  • Display z-blocks for different customer groups
    Decide which blocks or content items should be shown for chosen customer groups.
  • Enable z-blocks according to visitor traffic source(NEW!)
    Display a block only to visitors that were redirected to the page from a specific URL. For example, you can enhance customer loyalty via showing a block with a special coupon code to all clients that came from specific social networks.
  • Set up flexible conditions for block appearing
    Set up variety of product conditions to place each block on certain product pages. When conditions meet, the block is added to the specified place.

Flexible settings to ease blocks creation:

  • WYSIWYG editor
    Create rich HTML content without extra efforts and extensive knowledge.
  • Per-store and Per-category views
    Use Z-Blocks extension to control where a block will appear. Make blocks appear for custom categories or only on product pages. Set different stores and languages per each blocks or content item to show z-block to proper audience.
  • Customizable block and item sorting
    Determine the order of items to be displayed within the block to visitors by the "sort order" attribute.
  • Manage Content Items as a mass action(NEW!)
    Change status and delete block items as a mass action in a bulk directly from the Content Manager grid.
  • Duplicated blocks(NEW!)
    Save your time on creating blocks with almost identical options. Just copy a block and change required options instead of adding each block separately from the very beginning.

Versions History

Version : 2.5.4

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 2.5.3

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 2.5.2

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 2.5.1

There are no release notes for this version.

Version : 2.5.0

There are no release notes for this version.

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